In Conversation with Randall Horton

An interview by Deniqua Campbell I met Randall Horton my first year at the Writer’s Foundry. He has the kind of laugh that makes you laugh; loud but warm, silly but genuine. After approximately two to three in-person poetry workshops, we were back on lockdown after Covid outbreaks spiked in the area. The remainder ofContinue reading “In Conversation with Randall Horton”

In Conversation: Andrew Martin

An interview by Tom Storch In his 2018 debut novel, Early Work, and in the stories from his collection, Cool for America, which was released last summer, Andrew Martin nails a certain type of character. They are self-styled intellectuals and artists. They define their identities in large part through cultural touchstones and aesthetic tastes. Characters in Cool for America goContinue reading “In Conversation: Andrew Martin”