The Anatomy of a Virus

by  Sita Bhaskar A global pandemic, they say. The Leadership of your country, India, declares a curfew. Stay indoors from dawn to dusk this Sunday. Stand on your porches, balconies and terraces at five p.m. Clap and ring bells as a show of solidarity against the virus. You can’t do that. Not with your newlyContinue reading The Anatomy of a Virus

In Sickness

by Jenni Innes Darren is hopelessly in love with the woman across the hall. It had all started innocently enough: nods and smiles at the mailbox, holding the elevator door, neighborly small talk about the weather, “I hope you didn’t forget your umbrella,” and, on three separate occasions, relieving her of shopping bags as sheContinue reading “In Sickness”