after the OED by Despy Boutris You said it a month after we met.A week later, we talked about the word: how inexact the definition,how easily muddled. An abstract quality or principle. How easily applied to anything:you love rosemary, tulips, film. You love me. To hold dear. Love clarity,semantics, linguistics. Intense liking, concern, devotion. LoveContinue reading “Love”

Meditation on Need

Winner of the Writer’s Foundry Prize in Poetry by Despy Boutris Any I want you makes me want to run& hide. I never know what to dowhen my body turns feral. If lustis a kingdom, how kingly I become—large as the mustard blooms smearingthe hillside, all that yellow impossibleto break through. All wild& inhuman, noContinue reading “Meditation on Need”