by Jade Levine

In another world, I would have
stayed up drinking hot water
and eating dense cake. I would
have let someone else come sit
next to me in the kitchen. In

this one I am dreaming of
boys from my past and how I
did not kiss them. Is my wanting
so ungrateful? You

have given me a love of
houses and a new way to
notice them. I have taken a
few of your sweaters and a
few of your years. Every time

we buy cans for our next storm I
say it won’t be enough and you
keep saying it’s plenty. This

is supposed to reassure me but
in one of these worlds I am
kissing boys I did not dream of.

It’s a strange night in
Providence with the daffodils
ripping themselves open.
I came to rearrange not
keep us the same I keep

Jade Levine makes zines and writes in New York City. Her poems have been published in 4×4, Quarto and Dinner Bell. Read more at

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