by Michele Parker Randall

In the city of God does the sunrise last
all day? Bunched clouds stack a cityscape
backlit in hydrangea-bud & cinnamon,
floribunda vapor hues like the queen
conch’s inner lip, her cirrus-ruffle edge. We
can all be found in the ombré of that
one shell. One sky reflects our faces
in a twenty-four hour shot. Invisible
this morning, I cross a bridge past
skyscrapers aloft & afloat in the lake.
Brack-dark, the water hides multitudes.

Michele Parker Randall is the author of Museum of Everyday Life (Kelsay Books 2015) and A Future Unmappable, chapbook (Finishing Line Press 2021). Her poetry can be found in Nimrod International Journal, Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Tar River Poetry and elsewhere.

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