WFR is curated by students of the Writer’s Foundry MFA at St. Joseph’s University in Brooklyn, NY. We publish literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art that speaks honestly to lived experiences.

Issue 1 available now. Read it here.


Winners of the Foundry Prizes in Short Fiction and Poetry judged by Lee Clay Johnson and Alicia Mountain

Interviews with David Gates, Randall Horton and Cleyvis Natera

and new works by

Valerie Bacharach /// Chloe Bell /// Sita Bhaskar /// Despy Boutris /// Brian Clifton /// Betty J. Cotter /// Isabella Cruz /// Jaydn DeWald /// Jak Emerson Kurdi /// Jade Levine /// Christy Prahl /// Michele Parker Randall /// Parth Shah /// Veronica Skoczek /// Jane Snyder /// Meaghan Squire /// Rebecca Thrush /// Gina Tranisi /// Olivia Treynor /// Alice White /// Ariadne Will /// Julia Wood

Cover Art by Jordan Merlino

WFR is a proud member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.